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  Introducing Dulux
  Colour has the power to transform people and places
Because a little bit of paint can make a big difference
It can bring magic to the mundane and smiles to faces It can change how we interact with each other, our homes and our communities
We believe in making the world look and feel better
And start making your surroundings the happy, vibrant
places they should be
Dulux - Adding colour to people’s lives
  Dulux have developed a comprehensive range of products to address
all of your decorating needs, our in-store colour mixing system allows
you to choose from a pallete of over 12,000 colours.
  For example, neutrals can be combined to create a warm, simple
space, or act as a base for a bolder colour scheme. Whilst seductive,
rich reds or dusky, inviting pinks can transform the mood of any room.
  Whichever colour or colours you choose, you can be confident that
by choosing Dulux, you’re choosing a world class paint brought to
you by one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers.